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Talk: "Do multilateral treaties (still) matter for development?"

  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) (map)
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Description from program flyer:

The session discusses the contribution of multilateral treaties to the implementation of the 203o Agenda for Sustainable Development. Multilateral treaties and conventions enable and guide governments, institutions and people to realize shared objectives such as justice, peace and sustainable development. Yet, their effectiveness in driving development outcomes is sometimes questioned. 

Existing conventions, such as the Paris Agreement, essentially facilitate the progress to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in key areas such as in environment, climate change, global health, gender, and the rule of law. UNDP coordinates the implementation of several treaties such as the Montreal Protocol, the Minamata Convention on Mercury and the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants. These and many others have cross-sectoral implications for a wide variety of development outcomes, including in health and environment.

But why do we need conventions to effectively implement the SDGs? Isn’t national legislation the best way forward?

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to Jun 20


  • Danish institute for Human Rights (map)
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DIHR and Sida are organizing an international expert meeting on the contribution of human rights norms, mechanisms and institutions to the sustainable development of the fisheries sector. The meeting will bring together partners, stakeholders and experts within the field of human rights and sustainable fisheries to discuss priorities and strategies to jointly realize human rights obligations and sustainable development benefits. It will serve as starting point for further multi-stakeholder initiatives that seek to operationalize a human rights-based approach to sustainable development policies in the fisheries sector over the next three years.

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to Dec 2

Conference organizer: Complexity, Legal and Institutional Change, and Rule of Law

  • Loyola University Chicago School of Law (map)
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From the conference announcement:

This conference seeks to explore the application of complexity theory to development assistance in the rule of law field. The presenters will address a wide range of rule of law development practices, drawing on empirical and conceptual insights from the development community and academic research. The conference is designed to facilitate discussion among scholars and practitioners on how non-linearity, self-organization, co-generation of environments, and the role of feedback mechanisms are resulting in reconsideration of many aspects of development theory and practice in the rule of law field. Sessions are planned on topics including: 

  • current thinking on the role of complexity theory for the law generally
  • complexity perspectives on rule of law development programming
  • applications of complexity theory to law reform and legislative drafting in post-conflict and post-disaster situations
  • how systems thinking can enhance rule of law development strategies.
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